Jamy Starling–I am an Aspiring Author and young artist. I haven’t been serious about writing for long, but I am now, and I hope to take you along for the ride. Join me as I share what I love, share my endless prattle, and share my knowledge with my future seeing gecko Sonata

Aspiring Authors United

Aspiring Authors United is a writing group I’ve created with a couple friends of mine. Together we are learning to write, create, and at the end of personal sessions we have we make a magazine that is posted on this blog

We can work together to better

I invite you. Yes you, the one with the cool quirky personality, and beautiful eyes. To help me. On this blog I want to share what I’ve learned, what I’ve found important, and what’s been useful. Along with that, I want to share with you my writing, and my artwork, as well as my journey. And what you can do to help me, is share what you’ve learned and found useful and helpful, share with me your writing and art. Let’s become our own community.

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